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Name: Matty Mellis * Ru Group
Description: This group is dedicated to the talented young magician Mattie Mellis. he started practicing magic when he was 5 years old when he first saw the card trick that his grandfather showed him. later became interested in cardistry and chip manipulation.
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What was the very first trick you saw?
Updated at 12 Jan at 23:15 PM
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All who would like to receive gifts from me next time, write your wishes in this note! openvk.su/note2657_5
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Right now I'm giving you gifts again! It was possible thanks to someone who transferred votes to me, most likely the guys from the community "Ржака OpenVK " openvk.su/openvkfun
Author: Matty Mellis
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rating and gifts are back! in the past i have held a campaign for the distribution of gifts, but it was not possible without the administrator Vova, who generously gave me the votes and rating

I am very glad that all the gifts I have given have returned to their recipients. Thank Vova by any activity on his page, because if it was not for him, the action would not take place openvk.su/id1
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the gift giving action is over. I wish I could send them off to everyone! however, this is not the last such action. Be active and follow my page and group, and you will definitely receive a gift next time ;)
Author: Matty Mellis
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OpenVK updates! in connection with these events, I give gifts to everyone who showed at least some activity on my page and in the group!

You can be sent a paid or free gift from me.

offers are limited, but such promotions will be held regularly.
Author: Matty Mellis
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do you like harry potter movies?
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I am already filming a new video for my YouTube channel!
Author: Matty Mellis
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if you will in las vegas, do not play "3 card monte". - the game seems simple, but it is impossible to track the winning card because the game is not fair!

nowadays, 3 monte cards are more of a trick, and its goal is to cheer people up however, it used to be used by scammers to deceive gullible people
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The magic effect "triumph" is a trick where the cards are shuffled alternately face up and face down, but after clicking the fingers they come to their normal position. This trick has many varieties. You know how to do at least one of them? or have you invented your own?
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Facts about cardistry

1) The most difficult florish with cards is pandora at the moment.

2) "United states playing cards company" - annually produces a lot of decks of cards just for cardistry.

3) Еhe art of cardistry is much younger than the art of magic tricks

4) Сard florishes require a separate practice
if you are a magician, it is not a fact that you will be good at florishes the first time
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